About Us

Whizzable was born in a Seattle suburb in 2015, 8 cars away from the window at a small coffee drive-thru. The coffee offered was great, as was supporting a local mom and pop business. But idling in a long car line, and wasting 10 minutes no one could spare, made no sense. From that frustrating experience, which is repeated countless times every day in cities and towns all across the country, came the idea of using technology to improve the customer experience at curbside and drive-thru businesses wherever they may exist. Initially conceived as an app to eliminate car lines at coffee shops, that limited use expanded once the pandemic was upon us. Why limit efficiency (and increased profits for businesses) to just coffee when people all across the country were buying millions of items online and picking them up curbside?

Mike Dalewitz
Co-Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur of 8 startups
CEO, Inspired Review
JD, New York Law School

Steve Samuel
Chief Innovation Officer

Founder of Four Alarm
General Counsel, AmeriGas
JD, Boston University

Nick Liberato
Partner, Restaurant/QSR Liaison

Executive Chef, Venice Restaurant Group
28 years culinary experience
Producer of Restaurants on the Edge

David M. Howitt
Partner, Restaurant/QSR Liaison

CEO and Founder of Meriwether Group
CEO, Founder and Author of Heed Your Call
Today, Whizzable blends the complex technology of predictive customer arrival with the expectation that all customers want to be served immediately. Our technology can be seamlessly woven into every existing POS system and will dramatically improve your customers’ experiences by eliminating all lines. Whizzable works at QSR’s, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Coffee Houses as well as every other food-related business where orders are placed online and then picked up by customers. While eliminating car lines, these efficiencies will also increase the sales, profits and throughput of every business that takes advantage of this state-of-the-art technology.