WHIZZABILITY: Real time visibility into your customers orders so they can Whizz through the lines without the wait!


Retail staff struggle to accurately predict customer arrival times

  • Long waits

  • Customer complaints

  • Cold food

The opportunity

Mobile ordering & curbside pickup are here to stay

  • 1 million+ U.S. restaurant and retail stores

  • $38 billion expected mobile ordering industry size

  • 70% of customers expecting mobile & online ordering in restaurants

The solution

Whizzable software integrates seamlessly with all POS systems to determine exactly when every customer will arrive

Our patented technology dramatically increases the efficiency of every curbside and pickup business, creating better customer experiences.

Customer Location
in real time
Dynamic POS
order management
Increase Throughput,
Sales, Profits

customer location
in real-time

  • Accurately predict customer arrival time using advanced GPS and predictive technology

  • Data-driven analytics provide automatic real time adjustments of each customer's ETA

  • Greet customers with their orders the moment they arrive at your store

  • Orders are prioritized and continuously re-sequenced based on distance to your store

location BASED queue SYSTEM

Imagine knowing EXACTLY when every customer will arrive. The ETA of every customer is updated every 3 seconds and is accurate to within 15 feet.

Watch how “ID-4452”changes in queue as his/her distance changes.

Whizzable works!

Lines are gone, everyone is happy, and more customers are served every single hour!

  • Smooth, contactless handoffs lead to brand loyalty and repeat business
  • By eliminating queues, retailers and restaurants increase their workflows and efficiency, while requiring less staff
  • Freshness & timeliness improves customer experiences and ratings

who is Whizzable for?

Any business whose customers pick up their online orders