For investors

Senior management at Whizzable believes its technology is at the cusp of improving how the growing practice of curbside and pick-up, both in the US and around the world, will operate. Originally developed as a process to eliminate car lines at coffee drive-thrus, Whizzable now seamlessly functions in the background of many food-related establishments utilizing their POS systems which drastically improves their efficiency. This pivot came about during the pandemic, when it became apparent that customer pick-up was not only here to stay, but would continue to grow long after the re-opening. With delivery fees from the likes of DoorDash and GrubHub eroding businesses’ profits, as well as car lines at drive-thrus frustrating customers, we believe our solution makes adoption of our technology almost a no-brainer.
Our founders are experienced at both growing existing businesses, as well as creating and then selling start-ups. Steve Samuel was the General Counsel at AmeriGas and helped guide that company during his tenure from a small, regional entity valued under $350 million into the largest propane company in the U.S. with a market cap which exceeded $5 billion. Mike Dalewitz founded several tech companies in the legal search space before exiting those businesses with tremendous profits. Both founders have worked extensively with banks, private equity and venture capital firms and believe Whizzable is ripe for a successful launch.
If you share our vision and are interested in investing in Whizzable at this early stage, please reach out to Mike Dalewitz at [email protected]